Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Life On the Move?

Life On the Move is a whole person well being platform that will help you stay healthy in work and in life. This platform helps fuel you for all areas of well-being including:

»» Physically

»» Mentally

»» Emotionally

»» Relationally

»» Nutritionally

»» And so much more…

As a participant, you can also engage in friendly competitions both with and/or against co-workers! 

What kinds of challenges are there each week?

Each week you will have an opportunity to Learn about various health topics from the experts, Assess your current status on important health issues, Share successes and goals with your

teammates, Boost teammates to show support and—of course—Move your body! Your goal is to get 100 Move Points every day for moving when you want, how you want and how much you want!


Who will be able to see my information on the website?

Your teammates can see how many points you have earned in the competition and the public goals that you set in Share section of the site. To make your points private, choose the “Please keep my points private” setting in profile set-up.


Is this a team or individual challenge?

Both! Depending on how your company chooses to structure your competition, you may be competing against other individuals, competing as a department or as an organization. However, we emphasize that it is your goal to challenge yourself and better than you did yesterday.


When is the last day I can sign up?

You can sign up any time while your organization is actively participating in Life On the Move. Your organization’s coordinator can give you more information.


How many Boosts can I give each week?

You can give 10 Boosts away each week. Each Boost will give your teammates 5 bonus points! When you give away all of your Boosts for the week, you also get an extra 20 points.


How will I know how many points I can earn each week?

The progress bar at the top of each Weekly Challenge will show you how many points you have earned and how many are still available for that week. You can also go to the dashboard to show your points in previous weeks.


Do I have to complete all sections of each Weekly Challenge to earn points for my team?

No, but remember each component of the challenge that you complete will earn points. To earn maximum benefit from the Life On the Move platform, we strongly encourage you to complete all of the weekly challenge features.


Do I need to log in to track my activity every day?

No, you can track past days’ activity by using the back buttons in the Move section of your Weekly Challenge Page. You can also log a device to automatically track points. You cannot earn points for past weeks’ Learn, Assess, Share or Boost activities.


Is there a smartphone application for the On the Move Company Challenge?

You can download a mobile version shortcut for your smartphone. Just access the site via iPhone, Android or tablet and follow the instructions to create the shortcut.